• Creature TD
  • Department: 3D
    Location: Vancouver
    Reports To: Head of Rigging  
    Terms of Employment: Project based

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    The Creature TD is responsible for creating animation rigs for characters, creatures, props and vehicles. The role may require the implementation of proprietary tools to aid in the creation of a rig. The Creature TD must collaborate with the CG Lead and the Animation Lead to develop the most suitable rigging solutions.

    Needs to Do:
    Work closely with the CG Lead to ensure that the rig is pipeline friendly for texturing, lighting and rendering.
    Work with the Animation Lead/Supervisor to develop an intuitive and responsive rig for each character.
    Work with The Rigging Lead to meet project schedules and manage their time to the successful delivery of rigs within those schedules.
    Communicate with the Modelling Department to ensure that models are suitable for rigging.
    Communicate with the R&D Department where necessary to effectively help develop the tools and technology to aid in delivering high-quality rigs.

    Needs to Know:
    5+ years CG experience, ideally within feature films.
    Ability to perform visual and analytical problem solving in 3-dimensional space, including the ability to accurately interpret 3D layouts and analyse 3D form.
    Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with assigned tasks.
    A thorough knowledge of Maya and Mel.

    Needs to Be:
    Ability to work well in a team environment.
    Highly motivated.
    Accepting of change.

    Measures of Performance:
    Must achieve set quota per week/month.
    Make sure team meet weekly/monthly quota.

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