• Creature TD
  • We are looking for Creature TDs for some prestigious upcoming projects. This is a diverse field and we are interested in speaking to all experienced Creature TDs, with experience in any or all of the following areas of specialisation:

    • Rigging and skinning of CG models
    • Cloth rigging and/or simulation
    • Hair/fur grooming and/or simulation
    • Muscle and skin
    • Feathers
    • Shot sculpting/finishing

    Depending on your area of specialisation, the role may require the development of animation and simulation rigs for creatures, digital doubles, vehicles, props and the subsequent simulation. This work will involve close collaboration and interaction with fellow Creature TDs, Animation and associated departments. 

    Must Have

    • Minimum of 2 years experience on feature films
    • Thorough knowledge of your area of creature specialisation and a broad understanding of the other areas
    • Full working knowledge of Maya
    • Be comfortable with the more technical aspects of creature work where appropriate
    • Have strong visual and artistic skills
    • Familiarity with pipeline issues and a typical creature heavy post production environment

    Nice to Have

    • Programming or scripting skills (e.g. Python, Mel) would be beneficial, but not essential, depending on the area of specialisation
    • An interest in anatomy, tailoring, grooming  or mechanics depending on your area of specialisation
    • Houdini Creature FX set-ups and simulation
    • A good General TD background
    • Strong understanding of Linux/Unix based operating systems

    About You

    • Pro-active
    • Team oriented
    • Adaptable
    • Good communicator

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