• Dneg TV - Compositor
  • Department: DNegTV
    Location: London
    Reports To: DNeg TV VFX Supervisor

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    To seamlessly integrate all the layers or elements of a shot, including live-action and computer graphic elements. Compositors work closely with Visual Effects Supervisors and 2D Supervisors to composite the numerous elements that complete a visual effects shot.

    Needs to Do:
    Blue/green screen extractions.
    Seamless integration of live action, miniature and CGI sources.
    Take part in client reviews.
    Follow production methodologies and develop creative approaches and problem-solving.
    Performing all aspects of composite fx design.

    Needs to Know:
    You must have a minimum of 5-6 years VFX industry experience.
    Experience in using Nuke.
    A knowledge and interest in photography and practical lighting is helpful.
    Critical eye for detail, and strong communication skills.

    Needs to Be:
    Team oriented.
    Able to accept change.
    Calm under pressure.
    Able to work to a TV VFX schedule.

    Measures of Performance:
    Quality of final VFX shots.
    On time delivery.
    Continuous improvement.

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