• Production Coordinator

  • Department: Production
    Location: Vancouver
    Reports To: Production Team
    Terms of Employment: Fixed Term
    Salary:  Subject to experience
    Contact Information: jobsvan@dneg.com

    Key Purpose of the Job:

    To assist the production and supervision team in the smooth running of projects by ensuring an accurate and efficient flow of information.

    Needs to Do:

    Ensure that artists understand their schedule of work and relay information back to production & supervision team.
    Coordinate the flow of information and elements between artists and departments.
    Keep databases up to date with element and shot status.
    Co-ordinate dailies and note take.
    Ensure the send and receipt of materials to and from the client.

    Job Requirements:
    Previous VFX production experience.
    Office, particularly Excel.
    Experienced in database work.
    FTP software.
    Previous Shotgun experience is a bonus
    HTML / Wiki skills are an advantage.
    Aptitude for new software is a must.

    Needs to Be:
    Clear communicator of succinct and accurate information.
    Extremely focussed and organised.
    Adaptable to changing scenarios and showing initiative.
    Calm and personable under pressure, whilst working to tight deadlines.
    Fast learner of new terminologies and workflows.
    Someone who is passionate about film!

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