• Surfacing Artist (Feature Animation)

  • Department: Feature Animation
    Location: London
    Reports To: Surfacing Supervisor

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    Works with the production team to create the textures, surface, and groom qualities needed in the completion of CG characters and hard-surface models used in production.

    Needs to Do:
    Responsible for creating the textures and surfaces needed in the completion of CG characters and hard surfacing models used in the production.
    Responsible for delivering high quality hair, fur, feathers and organic elements for our 3D characters and environments.
    Participates as a team member in determining design and technical solutions.
    Provides feedback to other team members of the production by attending dailies on a regular basis.
    Works closely with Art Directors, Modellers, and the Lead and Senior Surfacing Artists to achieve the desired look of the assets for production.
    Maintains or exceeds consistent high level of productivity while meeting deadlines and producing high quality work.

    Needs to Know:
    2-5 years experience working on high quality shading, surfacing and texturing.
    Familiarity with Feature Animation production.
    Attention to details in textures and materials.
    Previous experience with fur and feather grooming tools, such as Shave and a Haircut or Maya.
    Proficient in Mari (Preferred), Zbrush, Photoshop, or BodyPaint.
    A good understanding of material properties with regards to shading.

    Needs to Be:
    Good interpersonal skills.
    Good organisational skills.
    Good time management skills.
    Demo reel with descriptive break down illustrating knowledge and experience in painting, illustration, or design.



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