• Production Manager

  • Job Title:         Production Manager
    Department:    Production
    Location:         Vancouver
    Reports To:      Producer 

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    The PM role at Dneg is one that is only filled on larger shows where we have two or more sequence Line Producers. Their job is to work with the Producer & Supervisors in mastering an effective plan for the show. They need to figure out creative and technical challenges and plan accordingly.


    Needs to Do:
    - Manage the Line Producers, helping them to produce clear milestones of delivery for asset build, hero shots, temps and finals
    - Work with the Line Producers to produce detailed shot schedules and to track over-all weekly progress
    - Create the detailed plan for the short to medium term and provide to supervisors and individual artists
    - Work with the Company Resource Manager to ensure crewing requests are feasible
    - Plan facility resources with the visual effects producer, supervisor and facility resource manager to create an effective approach to the visual effects work
    - Ensure the visual effects team understand the goals and deadlines for sequences, R&D projects etc
    - Work with the coordinators to ensure the schedule of work is on track


    Job Requirements:
    - At least 5 years industry experience is a must
    - Will have a proven track record of delivering sequences at Line Producer or equivalent level
    - Will have excellent knowledge of VFX in order to make critical calls on crew allocations and resourcing especially as the show nears delivery!
    - Knowledge of Excel and MS Project (or similar) essential
    - Experienced in database work.Experienced in managing artists and clients


    Needs to Be:
    - Proven in project management to a high level
    - Organised and methodical in their approach to the work
    - Clear in their planning with artists, supervisors and clients
    - Capable of motivating and leading teams with enthusiasm
    - Calm and personable under pressure and when working to tight deadlines

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