• Prep Artist
  • Department: 2D

    Reports To:
    Head of 2D
    Contact: jobsvan@dneg.com

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    Prep Artists work closely with the Compositors using a variety of paint techniques to seamlessly prepare plates for Compositors to use for visual effects shots.

    Needs to Do:
    Depending on experience and Show requirements, Prep Artists are expected to:
    Remove rigs and wires using Nuke and other frame by frame painting software.
    De-graining and re-graining paint work before it leaves the department.
    Having an understanding of Nukes 3D environment to project clean plates and understanding how to use UV projections.
    Being able to dustbust plates and do scratch removal.
    A willingness to learn new techniques.

    Needs to Know:

    A working knowledge of Nuke
    A knowledge and interest in photography and digital manipulation is helpful.
    Critical eye for detail, and strong communication skills.

    Needs to Be:

    A good artistic talent with a knowledge of composition and colour.
    A strong eye for detail and precision.
    Able to work under pressure amongst a large team.
    Able to take direction and feedback well from Compositors and Supervisors.

    Measures of Performance:

    Quality of paint work.
    On time delivery.
    Continuous improvement and knowledge of 2D work flow and techniques.

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