• Technical Colourist
  • Department: RND
    Location: Vancouver
    Reports To: Head of RND

    Double Negative has successfully expanded into Vancouver & Mumbai. To allow our crews to work more effectively we're looking to assign personnel to help advise and work on the technical colour workflow for VFX. 
    We are looking for people to join our teams in Vancouver to help solve technical colour issues. This is an exciting opportunity to advise teams on such aspects and help the company move forward. 
    Double Negative is always excited to hear from talented people: a passion for solving complex problems is a must!

    Needs to Do:
    Liaise with artists, supervisors and production to understand current production needs in terms of colour workflow for images.
    Perform required grading tasks for production.
    Investigate appropriate solutions and techniques to address technical colour challenges.
    Work closely with the Colour Scientists in R&D to fix problems.
    Support end-users during production.

    Needs to Know:
    A good understanding of the DI process for both photo-chemical and digital formats.
    Knowledge of the film scanning process and dailies process.
    A good understanding of the digital onset workflow involving the DIT.
    Knowledge of the different ways to store grade information so it can be ingested into different types of software (nuke, avid, da vinci, baselight, clip) and databases, using metadata cdl's .cc and .ccc's.
    Can understand metadata derived from digital cameras.
    In depth knowledge of grading systems such as Baselight, Da vinci resolve, Lustre and Nucoda film master as well as knowledge of analogue grading using Da vinci 2k or Pogle.
    Good knowledge of different Camera formats ranging from digital to film.
    A good knowledge of film stocks.
    A good understanding of film processing, including the lab process.
    Can understand and read densitometer readings.
    A good knowledge of calibration tests for both film and digital.
    Good knowledge of different formats, both digital and film (aspect ratio, frame rate, codec).
    In depth knowledge of colour spaces.
    In depth knowledge of LOG to LIN conversions.
    In depth knowledge of colour cubes, both in terms of creating and analysing.
    In depth knowledge of the colour spectrum.
    An understanding of how to calibrate monitors and projectors.
    A high concentration level and an eye for detail.

    Needs to Be:
    Knowledgeable and interested in aspects of colour science and grading.
    Smart, driven and adaptable.
    Logical and practical in approach to solving complex problems.
    Organised & a strong communicator.
    Able to articulate technical information to non-technical people.

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