• Dneg TV - Matte Painter

  • Job Title: Matte Painter
    Location: London
    Reports To: VFX Supervisor                 

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    To create photorealistic matte paintings from photographic elements, CG and digital painting techniques.

    Needs to Do:
    Work with live action footage, digital still photography, rendered CG elements and digital paint to create photo-real
    environments that are to be seamlessly integrated into the image.
    This will require an artist who is proficient  in a variety of implementations, including 2D backdrops, textured elements/fixes and complex 2.5D/3D projections.
    At times, they may also be asked to learn new proprietary software.

    Needs to Know:
    A good understanding of advanced matte painting techniques including colour space, digital paint techniques and Photoshop file management (file format, bit depth resolution and appropriate layering of elements).
    A thorough understanding of perspective.
    Technical proficiency in photography with an emphasis on exposure, composition and depth.
    Working knowledge of Maya.
    A minimum of 3 years experience in Matte Painting for TV or film.

    Excellent verbal and written communication.
    Must be able to manage own time to bringing multiple priorities and tasks to completion within a set deadline.

    Needs to Be:
    Able to take artistic and technical direction positively and work well within a team environment.
    Team oriented.
    Adaptable .

    Measures of Performance:
    On time delivery.
    Continuous improvement.

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