• Dneg TV - CG Supervisor
  • Job Title: CG Supervisor
    Department: DNegTV
    Location: London
    Reports To:
    DNegTV: Head of 3D

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    The CG Supervisor is responsible for interpreting and implementing the creative aims of the Director/VFX Supervisor within the financial constraint of the project. Overseeing the production of CG assets, setting up a working shot pipeline and successfully delivering CG elements for the shots on their project. They will creatively and technically lead the artists throughout the show ensuring that good and clear communication occurs at all times between the artists, production team and show leads/supervisors. Will contribute to bidding and crewing for their project, and have further responsibilities to the facility in terms of managing their team, providing feedback on crew, and proactively improving the facility pipeline for the long term.

    Needs to Do:
    Create, approve, guide and verify the approach to the work taken by the 3D crew on a show will deliver the results required inside the budget and time available. Work closely with the VFX Supervisor to interpret the creative vision of the director and plan a pragmatic way to deliver on that brief. Mentor more junior staff technically and creatively. Constantly communicate with Production and other DNegTV departments to ensure both client and internal demands are being met. Explore, embrace and implement new technology and solutions where appropriate.

    Needs to Know:
    CG Supervisor or previous Sequence Supervisor experience required

    Excellent creative eye and aesthetic judgement
    Be able to sell a creative solution and idea to clients

    Ability to reduce complex problems to their most simple solutions
    Thorough understanding of the complete VFX Pipeline

    Good history of collaborating with RND teams and the ability to provide, test and deploy new tool specifications in a production environment
    Ability to meet deadlines under pressure

    Excellent communication, attention to detail, organisation and management skills
    Expert in Maya and proficient in other industry standard software

    Needs to Be:
    Proven team leader with strong motivational qualities and initiative

    Technically and creatively astute
    Highly organised

    Able to effectively communicate with people at all levels

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