• Data Operations Assistant

  • Job Title:                     Data Operations Assistant
    Department:                Data Operations
    Location:                     Vancouver
    Reports To:                  Data Operations Manager
    Direct Reports:            N/A

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    To work closely with production teams to ensure the accurate and timely transfer of data both to and from the facility.  To manage backup and restore requests from the tape archive system. 

    Needs to Do

    • Manage the incoming and outgoing of data to clients and other facilities via ASPERA and SFTP.
    • Accurate renaming of data as requested by the production teams and clients.
    • Ensuring all material is processed, published and made available to our production teams via Shotgun.
    • Apply colour look up tables to data during processing.
    • General data management including creating and deleting shots, moving shots from server to server and transferring data to other locations such as external drives.
    • Administration of departmental resources ensuring all records and databases are accurate and up to date.
    • File conversions and extractions from various formats such as dpx, exr, mov, R3D and dng.
    • Reducing large frame ranges to more manageable ranges and rendering out the files.
    • Monitoring the in house submission queue and liaising with production teams on progress or problems.
    • Virus checking all incoming material.
    • Troubleshooting cross site transfers and uploads/downloads.
    • General problem solving and working closely with the tech department.
    • Archiving and restoring data to and form the tape backup system

     Needs to Know

    • Good working knowledge of computer systems, preferably Linux.
    • A basic knowledge of modern digital cameras; Arri Alexa, RED One, Varicam etc. is useful but not essential.
    • A basic understanding of film and negative handling procedures as departmental terminology is based on film techniques.
    • A basic understanding of VFX work flow is useful

    Needs to be

    • Multi-tasker
    • Natural problem solver
    • Pro-active
    • Committed to achieving targets
    • Deadline driven
    • Team oriented
    • Adaptable
    • Good communicator
    • Good customer service manner


    Measures of Performance

    • On time delivery
    • Accuracy
    • Communication
    • Continuous improvement


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