• Dneg TV - Texture Artist
  • Job Title: Texture Artist 

    Department: Dneg TV (3D)
    Location: London
    Reports To:  Dneg TV VFX Supervisor



    Key Purpose of the Job:
    To create photo realistic textures and other related maps or images for mapping on to 3D objects. 



    Needs to Do:
    In most visual effects work, the textures need to be created to a high level of realism and fit the requirements of the model pipeline and shading set up.

    It will be essential to work closely with the other members of the project team in these areas.

    It will be necessary to learn some of our in house systems and become fluent in their use, as well as learn other off the shelf packages as required.

    Images may need to be created from scratch, but it is more likely that the artist will need to make use of extensive reference photography as source material. They may also need to source their work from a variety of other visual resources (paintings, reference books, architecture). 



    Needs to Know:
    A full working knowledge of Photoshop, or similar paint package, is vital.
    Knowledge of Substance, Body Paint, Deep Paint or other 3D paint packages would be a big advantage.
    Strong visual skills - a good eye for detail, scale, composition, colour and form.
    Supporting artwork such as a portfolio will be considered, but is not essential.
    A good knowledge of how the texture painting work fits into the bigger picture, particularly in relation to the Modelling and Shading & Look Development areas. Work closely with a Modeller to determine a optimal UV layout.Comfortable with Windows and/or Mac operating systems.

    Experience in doing look development shader work with created textures would be an advantage but not necessarily essential.
    A good knowledge of Linux would be an advantage.
    Knowledge of Maya and/or rendering software a plus. At least 1 years experience in TV or feature films would be beneficial.
    Experience in other areas of visual effects (TV, Games) will also be taken into account.



    Needs to Be:
    Team oriented.
    Able to learn new work flows and methods.
    Able to adapt to changing requirements or briefs.


    Measures of Performance:
    On time delivery.
    Show continuous improvement.
    Ability to deliver the required look at an appropriate level of detail or realism.


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