• Lead Lighting Artist (Feature Animation)
  • Job Title: Lead Lighting Artist
     Feature Animation
    Reports To:
    Lighting Supervisor

    Double Negative Feature Animation, a newly realized feature animation facility, is looking for lead lighting artists to join our team. Together we will bring the vision of both major Hollywood studios and independent productions to life.

    Key Purpose of the Job:

    We are looking for experienced leads to bring the look of animated sequences from concept to reality and set our lighters up for success.

    Needs to:
    Take creative direction to set the mood and look for animated sequences
    Create flexible, stable, efficient, and organized lighting rigs and compositing templates that can handle fast iterations and addressing of notes.
    Work independently and as part of a team.
    Mentor lighting artists, set them up for success, and serve as a leader of the team
    Bring shots from lighting set-up through finaling on schedule.

    Maintain consistency of lighting across shots.

    Troubleshoot noise, render times, and memory usage in a modern path-tracing renderer.
    Continually find new and better methods to improve lighting work-flow and increase iterations and image quality.
    Responsible for guiding artists, helping to build overall team efforts and maintain positive team morale.

    Need to Know:
    Good working knowledge of sequence-based lighting

    Strong knowledge of node-based lighting and compositing tools and path-trace rendering

    Strong knowledge of lighting and compositing techniques.
    Familiarity with feature animation pipelines and pipeline issues.
    Demonstrable experience in sequence lighting, compositing and rendering with modern renderers.
    Strong grasp of artistic principles, and cg techniques
    Showreels featuring feature animation work would be preferred.
    Minimum of 3 years experience in a lead role.

    Needs to Be:
    Team oriented.
    Courteous and helpful.
    Able to take direction.
    Good interpersonal skills.
    Good organizational skills.
    Excellent time management skills.

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