• Dneg TV - Roto/Prep Supervisor
  • Job Title: Roto/Prep Supervisor


    Reports To:
    Production Manager

    Direct Reports:
     Show 2D Supervisors

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    To oversee the Roto and Prep aspects of DNegTV's current shows.

    Needs to Do:
    Work with the show production teams to establish the standard practices for the show, this involves communicating well with the 2D Supervisors to ensure specific show requirements are met.

    Be part of the bidding sessions to ensure artists get reasonable scheduling to complete tasks.

    Annotate and brief shots ensuring that they adhere to current Dneg standards as set by the Site Supervisor.

    Ensuring your Show Roto/Prep Artists adhere to Dneg standard working practices.

    Support and manage your artists on the show, monitoring their progress, offering advice and technical guidance.

    Work with the Production Managers and the Site Roto/Prep Supervisors to help create a thriving department and develop future processes.

    Reviewing work from artists, both locally and from global sites, providing constructive and detailed feedback.

    Ensuring quality of completed work is of a high standard and suitable to the needs of the show.

    May be called upon to participate in 'Monthlies' demonstrating successful techniques to junior artists.

    Needs to Know:
    Must have experience as a roto and prep artist on a feature film production and/or TV Production
    A knowledge of Nuke is required, and knowledge of roto packages is desirable.
    An understanding and appreciation of schedules and production constraints.

    Needs to be:
    Good communicator; both verbal and written
    Ability to provide feedback honestly and effectively
    Ability to problem-solve and influence others

    Very meticulous and accurate
    A good eye for detail and ability to work under pressure on potentially short turn around times
    Team oriented
    Able to adapt quickly to new systems and tools such as working with Shotgun, Ivy Browser and Nuke gizmos.

    Measures of Performance:
    On time delivery
    Quality and consistency of the roto/prep work coming through the show
    Continuous improvement
    Effective Communication level between the Supervisor and the Show and Site Supervisors.

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