• Character TD (Rigger)

  • Job Title:                     Character TD (Rigger)
    Department:                Feature Animation
    Location:                     London
    Reports To:                 Character TD Supervisor

    Double Negative Feature Animation, a newly realized feature animation facility, is looking for character artists to join our team. Together we will bring the vision of both major Hollywood studios and independent productions to life.

    Key Purpose of the Job:
    The Character Technical Director is responsible for creating animation rigs for characters, creatures, props and vehicles. The role may require the implementation of proprietary tools to aid in the creation of animation rigs. The Character TD must collaborate with the Rigging Supervisor and the Animation Leads/Supervisors to develop the most suitable rigging solutions. 

    Needs to Do
    Develop a full CG character rig using the available toolsets or extending them where required. They will have to work in conjunction with other character TDs, animators and related teams to achieve this.

    Needs to Know:
    Needs to have 3+ years of experience with major creature/character projects
    Thorough knowledge of their area of character specialisation (i.e, body, face, mechanical rigs)
    Full working knowledge of Maya.
    Need to be comfortable with the more technical aspects of character/creature work where appropriate, and have a strong visual and artistic skills as well. Programming or scripting skills (e.g. mel, python) would be beneficial, but not essential, depending on the area of specialisation
    Familiarity with pipeline issues and a typical character/creature heavy post production environment.

    Needs to Be:
    Team oriented.
    Courteous and helpful.
    Able to take direction.
    Good interpersonal skills.
    Good organizational skills.
    Excellent time management skills.

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